Just a quick note welcoming you to the Black Heart Machine website. Been a long time coming, and certainly a work in progress, but please take a look about. You might be surprised what you find. I’ll be adding some demos (which came out demons as I typed it, which may well be apropos), some rough edits, some video and news on our upcoming album release, which is planned for London in late October.

Black Heart Machine, with Scott McCleary on guitars (all the way

Back to the Garden festival

Back to the Garden festival

from Japan) and Fil on drums, made an appearance at the Back to the Garden festival. A short set, but it was well received. Nice that people will sit and listen to some quiet songs early in the afternoon. Very rewarding.

In the meantime, check out Mammoth Gardens, the project by my friend and former Cool Blue Halo frontman Barry Walsh. I’m hoping to have Barry come and open for the Black Heart Machine show:

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