IMG_8635Though we’ve only played a single show since the release of the “Ruins of Our Greatness” CD, I’ve been active in working through new songs. Plenty of them in fact. More than a dozen.

Some stem from sessions done at Quiet Earth outside Dorchester in late 2014, including a couple of songs I played at the CD launch, namely Decades, and Yellowing Pages, compositions that are largely acoustic with some electronic flourishes. More recently we’ve worked out a group of more electronic tracks—Beautiful Thing and Glory Survives—that I’ve had noted percussionist Jayden Beaudoin add his input to after writing them around electronic drums.

Both songs have some guitar, though Beautiful Thing is only the second song I’ve written that was not based on guitar, and actually is inspired by a Spoon song, though it has nothing really to do with the fine band from Austin.

Anyway, at this point the plan is to create an EP of electronic songs, and then a very minimal album of acoustic songs at Quiet Earth with my partner in crime, Brent Jones. The hope is to have one done by the end of summer, and the other early in the fall.


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