After nearly two years of work, our second album, On Its Head, is complete. Recorded at Quiet Earth Studios near Dorchester, and the Sugar Shack in London, and mastered in England, On Its Head is an album of multiple themes, both personal and political. From the quiet reflective opener, When Morning Comes, to the guitar onslaught of The Staircase, the album demonstrates a range of styles and sounds, while remaining true to the organic approach Robert and Brent took to making the album. And this is an album—nine songs linked both through their construction, recording, and lyrics, On Its Head demonstrates a cohesiveness in both sound and vision. Guests include producer and engineer Simon Larochette on pedal steel and bass, drummer Fil Beorchia, cellist Christine Newland, vocalist Jennifer Hale, violin by Kelly Wallraff, and French Horn by Josh Wood, and guitar by Roberto Lorusso.

The CD launch, which will include appearances by many musicians who contributed to the project, will take place on Oct. 28 at the Jones Farm.

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